jueves, 1 de marzo de 2012

March of the Gladiators

Imagine a huddle of men in the shadows inside a great stone building. Outside a huge crowd stamps and bays. The men are clutching swords, spears, shields, and they are murmuring to themselves, or to their gods - for minutes from now, many of them will have died, brutally and publicly. A distant voice shouts an order, and the crowd roars again in anticipation. As the fanfare starts, they march out into the dazzling, roaring Colosseum:

March of the Gladiators, Julius Fučík (1872-1916)

Legend has it that the Czech Republic's army still marches to this.


Now that you're in the right mood, here's the question I wanted to ask you:

What is the daftest classroom idea in your teacher's repertoire?

Not a one-off crazy thing that just happened: Something you use regularly.

Please send your own exhibit - in a secure cage - to the Freak Show.

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  1. I do "knots". I learnt it in a drama workshop at an IATEFL in the UK looooong ago (although I am EXTREMELY young, of course). I make sts stand in a circle, then I ask them to cross their arms over each other like in this video


    The rule is: never let go of hands, cooperate and give instructions to find a way to untie the knot. I love it, they love it. It works best with at least 8 people in mixed classes, as they can't use hands to show what they want fellow students to do, they really have to use their language and it's excellent for negotiation and team building.

    I have other "whacky" things I use and students love (me too), like "mirrors" (i.e. sts have to mirrir each other in pairs, first just movements, then language, too!!!)... ooohhh... the fun I've had!!! It works