jueves, 24 de noviembre de 2011


What day is it...? Where am I...? Are those my feet...? Is Nixon still President...? 
Is it too late to nominate favourite blogs for the Whatsisname Awards...?

Having decided not to nominate anybody (too hurtful, as Chiew Pang says), 
a couple of glasses of Ribeiro have forced me to change my mind...

I hereby nominate

for the category of 

Voice of Sanity in a World Full of Twats. 

[OK, he doesn't actually blog about teaching, but he is an ESOL teacher.]

A VOSIAWFOT performs a great public service for us all: Follow the blog and you will read all about the Mormons, the Privatisation of Little Chef, the Overbearing Husbands, the Littel Priques and much much more.

[Edit - Apparently the category of VOSIAWFOT has been removed this year. Just read the blog.]

3 comentarios:

  1. Thanks for the nomination! I'd never heard of this particular honour, very flattering! I do blog about teaching, but it's mostly moaning or taking the piss, not serious stuff about like meffods an that.

    Word verification 'dingent'. Someone supply a meaning for that.


  2. Oh, the pleasure is mine, Vil. I'm very pleased to read your moans and pisstakings.

    Dingent, eh?