martes, 19 de julio de 2011

The Magnificent Seven Ride Again

I've noticed that a post of mine, The Magnificent Seven has picked up quite a lot of views, since it was posted a couple of months back.

So, helped by my unperturbable students Lara and Fer, we've prepared a further magnificent septet for you and your class. Each of them has pronounced the same set for you. Click the link above for the in-class procedure.


Want to check? Fer has the solution:

And Lara has the instructions for your class:

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  1. You know what I'd do, of course, make little plants. "Duel" is not particularly useful to them, unless they feel this is the only way to resolve their fight for your attention, but matching it with "fuel" suddenly brings it into their lives. There's an easy story to make with "duel" and "fuel". And "cruel". I think working with words that have the same sound gives them a hook. What do you think?

  2. Actually, that's another activity I do quite a lot. Have you tried rhyming stuff with your class?

  3. Alan! Great to see the continuation of this activity. I was inspired by your first post and used it to great effect with my students. I love to progression of the idea: hand it over to the students.

    I tried something similar with my class. Putting up some consonant pairs on the board (b-k, g-t, t-p, etc.)and getting each pair of students to choose one of the consonant pairs and come up with as many words as possible (while I go around and suggest some extra words, improving their vocab).

    Then the students would go around the room, reading out their own list with everyone writing down what they hear. A great activity for getting students to listen to each other that I'm sure will save lots of unprepared lessons to come. :-P Thanks again for sharing this one Alan!

  4. Nice one, Gordon.

    It's amazing how much of English vocabulary is monosyllabic, compared to, say, Italian, where, apart from function words, monosyllabism is virtually unthinkable.

    Do you get your students to guess combinations just to see if they stumble upon new words?

  5. Never a dull moment :-)

    Brave students. My compliments. G.

  6. Well I pinched the idea from your group's blog :)

    BTW, Nice to hear from you again!